Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is the latest in diamond cutting technology being used in the construction industry.

Wire saws use a series of pulleys and guides to draw a diamond bead coated continuous loop of wire through a cut. This allows the saw to cut through any thickness of concrete (including reinforced concrete), stone, sandstone, or steel.

The applications of diamond wire sawing are virtually unlimited; we boast the latest in technological equipment.

Wire saws can be used:

  • In Confined spaces
  • Dam walls
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Cutting Steel Pipes to any diameter
  • Cuts can be made flush to floors, walls and ceiling
  • Cut inverted, angled cuts, circular cuts and unusual configurations, at virtually any depth
  • Remote cutting can be performed in hazardous radioactive areas, or where direct access to the cut is impractical.
  • Hydraulic model can be used underwater