Wall Sawing to 725mm

Wall saws provide an efficient method to cut door and window openings on vertical surfaces. Also used for cutting on floors. This machine is track mounted and can cut to a depth of 725mm.

Our Wall Saws come in Hydraulic or Electric variants. The Hydraulic Wall Saw Power Pack can be left outside with approximately 20 metres of hydraulic hose (Fume free area). The Electric Wall Saw Power Pack requires 3 Phase, 32 Amp power and can be used indoors. It produces no fumes and is environmentally safe.

Wall Sawing is used for:

  • Bank Vaults, Lift Shafts, Water Tanks
  • Wing walls on Bridges
  • Abutments
  • Brick Work
  • Thick walls over 265mm deep (where they can only be cut from one side)
  • For putting in openings and breaking through walls
  • For unreinforced and reinforced concrete with the most widely varying aggregates
  • For wall thicknesses of 725mm
  • Vibrationless process
  • Cleaner cutting surface means less reworking necessary
  • Inverted saw cutting can be achieved