Safety Grooving

Safety Grooving is a safety feature that eliminates aquaplaning on airports, roads, highways and factory floors especially where the concrete has been polished up over a period of years.

We have two Safety Groovers which can be used for the following applications:

  • Highways, Freeways on multiple lanes depending on the carriageway width.
  • Runways and taxi ways at airports.

These Safety Groovers can be interchanged to become Drum Roll Grinders. The width of the Safety Groover cutting surface area is 1000mm wide.

We also have a smaller Safety Groover that is used in conjunction with the two larger machines. This smaller groover has a cutting area of approximately 500mm wide and is used to tail off the sections that the large groovers can’t reach.

This smaller machine can also be used for smaller jobs from 1m square to 6m square approx. i.e. smaller areas that the larger groovers are hard to gain access.