Concrete grinding is used in a number of applications both for safety and concrete preparation.

We have Electric and Petrol Grinders allowing us to work both indoors and outdoors.

Petrol grinders are used with water, mainly for outside work.

Electric grinders are used wet or dry and are used in areas where petrol cannot be used, especially in Shopping Centres, small shops, houses etc.

Electric grinders are used for:

  • Removing old adhesive left from carpet or tiles.
  • Smoothing out concrete floors with concrete dags etc.
  • Remove grease build up on concrete workshop floors.
  • Excess fibreglass on floors
  • Excess paint and epoxy on floors

Petrol grinders are used for:

  • Removing trip hazards – uneven surfaces (Nursing homes, footpaths, clubs, shopping centres, workplace,car park areas or any area that is a hazard to pedestrians)
  • Removing concrete dags
  • Removing paint from painted floors
  • To expose aggregate giving a terrazzo effect