Core Drilling to 1200mm diameter

We have a range of Core Drills available for all of your Concrete Drilling needs including Electric, Hydraulic, Petrol and Compressed Air models. We also have an Inverted Core Drill which allows us to drill upside-down.

Holes of any size depth can be achieved through this process from as small as 14mm up to 1200mm diameter.

Core Drilling is used when a job calls for the drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick, sandstone and other structural materials.

Concrete Drilling can be used for:

  • Drilling in pavement, walls, ceilings, roofs or sloping surfaces
  • Drill depths to your specifications
  • Drilling at most angles
  • Drilling to most depths can be achieved with extension bars.
  • Running pipes and ducting for plumbers, electricians and air conditioning
  • Installation of large bolts in floors and walls
  • Drilling concrete piles for anchor systems
  • Bridge decks for dowels
  • Starter bars
  • Chemical anchors
  • Bolts for structural steel
  • Balustrades
  • Railways
  • Liquid nitrogen drilling for no stains and no mess
  • Underwater drilling can be achieved with hydraulic model
  • Dry drilling is available for the right applications